Donald K. Wilson

Fine woodworking
Stringed Instruments
Woodie Works

The Shop

!800 sq ft converted carriage barn, easy location in Arlington Vt.
An eclectic mix of modern and vintage hand tools and equipment.
Full Cad-Cam capability in house and out,
Two mechanical shop bays,
Occasional porch picking live local music.

The Thing

I've been straightening nails since I was a little boy working on my grandfather's farm. I apprenticed for a classical guitar builder outside of Boston while in high school and built my first guitar as a senior art project in 1972
I have a BFA in fine arts from Skidmore college with Minors in Art Education and Architectural Design
I went straight into the building trades after graduation in 1976 and have been at it ever since. I opened my own shop in 1980 offering a full range of Fine Woodworking Solutions, I built the first woodie in 1982 and began offering lutherie services in 1996. The first carved archtop came in 2007 and adding computer design, CAD and 3D printing capabilities to the menu we continue to combine old world craftsmanship with 21st century technologies.

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